About Us

Our goal at Chirpsy is to help you achieve your social media goals.

Social media is an expected part of any marketing strategy, but finding someone who lives and breathes social media and understands marketing strategy is rare. The Chirpsy team is that someone for you.

Chirpsy started by asking the question: “can crowdsourcing make content curation cheaper, easier and more effective?” The result was our self-service content curation service. Next, we looked at how else we can make social media management easier. We discovered the biggest roadblocks in effective social media marketing are time and skills. Now we offer a full range of social media services, from profile set-up, social media profile audits, and content curation to a full-service social media package.

Our Team

Our team is lead by Isaac Nichols, marketing and social media is looked after by Bianca Smith. PugetWorks built Chirpsy, and it was made possible by CastingWords. If you’re wondering who designed the Chirpsy bird, that was Tabitha.

Contact Info

Mail: 2137 34th Ave W, Seattle WA 98199
Email: support@chirpsy.com
Twitter: @Chirpsy
Facebook: Facebook.com/Chirpsy
LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/company/Chirpsy
Google+: google.com/+Chirpsy